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Bundle $54.99 for all four
B*tch Be Gone Organic Sage Spray
Serenity Organic Sage Spray
Bye Bye Boogie Monster Organic Sage Spray
Idiot repellent Organic Sage Spray

Handmade Sage Smudge Spray to clear the mind, and create positive energy without smoke, while it also purifies the air.

Our Sacred Smudge Sage Spray is authentically made pure smudging spray ceremonially blessed and sealed with positive energy, with a Sacred Blessed Spirit Stone placed in each bottle when made for the individual at the time of the order, personalizing each Smudge Spray to the individual. Cleanse yourself and all your spaces of negative or unwanted energy with a few sprays of the Sacred Smudge Spray. This fine mist spray provides all the benefits of burning sage without the smoke. It not only embodies the clearing benefits of sage, but invokes a feeling of peace and calm with essential oils. Each bottle of Sacred Smudge Spray is Reiki charged and intentionally handcrafted with love and care.

* 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade
* All Natural
* Alcohol-Free to protect household pets
* Cruelty Free & Vegan
* Handmade with love in Georgia

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B*tch Be Gone Organic Sage Spray, Serenity Organic Sage Spray, Bye Bye Boogie Monster Organic Sage Spray, Idiot Repellant Organic Sage Spray, Sacred Smudge Sage Spray, All Products

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