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Breaking the Chain of Generational Trauma, Discrimination, & Abuse

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Hi, I’m Dr. O,

I am an International Psychologist, U. S. Navy veteran, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Coach, Trauma, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, and a Human, Social, and Civil Rights Advocate and Activist. I specialize in the area of trauma and how trauma impacts our daily lives from developmental trauma, experiencing traumatic events such as war, sexual abuse, natural disasters, accidents, race-based trauma such as discrimination, racism, colorism, police brutality, and trauma experienced as a result of discrimination, inequity, and injustice.
As an International Psychologist, I step away from the traditional Westernized views of psychology, taking a world-view holistic approach incorporating each client'sunique culture and subculture to determine not only the psychological impact of trauma, but also individualized treatment solutions to meet the distinctive needs of each client.

I have dedicated my career to immersing myself in the field of studying the impact of trauma on various communities, cultures, businesses, organizations, educational facilities, and corporations worldwide, including America, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Ethiopia, Japan, Philippians, Tanzania, Austria, France, Turkey, India, Qatar, and Ireland only to name a few. I am passionate about the work that I do and believe I have been called, destined, designed, and ordained to help change the worldview on trauma and promote healing and unity in the process. I am the Change I want to see.

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Ways to Work with Me



Finding someone to discuss difficulties relating to trauma and DEI is simple. However, you employ me to communicate with your audience, deliver engaging activities to foster experiences, consciously listen, and leave everyone feeling genuinely engaged, changing their level of curiosity, and inspiring them to take action. My preferred methods of interacting with clients and their audiences are seminars, training, retreats, fireside chats, meditation, hypnotherapy, and keynote addresses.



I always look forward to discussions on the effects of psychological trauma, the numerous types of psychological trauma, prejudice, social justice, equality, psychology, and complementary and alternative therapies. I’ve had some of my most memorable interviews encounters with publications including Voyage Atlanta Magazine, Your World w/Creflo Dollar, and 011 FM South Africa.

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I appreciate working with businesses dedicated to their target market's long-term welfare. It gives me great pleasure to play a proactive leadership role in developing and delivering programming that consciously and sustainably addresses the needs of those it serves.




A position of liberation, clarity, and truth is where we are meant to lead, facilitate, and teach. You have the necessary academic groundwork; it is time to apply it to your life and business before modeling it for others while upholding your moral principles.

My genius thrives in the “how” of nailing specificity and nourishing purpose from concept to execution in a way that honors core values. I have more than two decades of experience as a mental health practitioner specializing in trauma, DE&I consultant, curriculum developer, international speaker and trainer, and corporate mental health trauma consultant.

To begin, you must dig deep and remove the roots. Contact me today. Lets discuss how we can develop and carry out your truest vision.


Coaching is a partnership. The coaching process fosters consistency and accountability in pursuing your objectives and goals. I want the best for you and success for you as your coach, and I prefer dealing with those willing to put in the effort and participate in the transformative process. Schedule a consultation to determine whether we are a good fit for this kind of cooperation.

Where to Find Me

Where to Find Me

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