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When I was a child,

I spoke like a child,

I thought like a child,

I reasoned like a child. But when I grew up,

I put away childish things.

I was always an advocate for social justice and equity for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I decided to be the change I want to see.

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I desire to see this world healed of past trauma that has plagued us for generations. My desire is for us to grow in strength and love. United as one in equity and inclusion.

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A woman in pink suit sitting on the ground.

This desire lead me to join my local law enforcement team, after my enlistment in the U. S. Navy. I was tired of reading, watching, and hearing about crime, social injustice, racism, and police brutality in the Black community. So, I decided what better way to make a change than to be the change?

After 7 years of severing my country and my community, returned to college where I obtained an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. It was my desire to combine my newfound passion for psychology with my passion for criminal justice. I continued on and obtained my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, with plans to continue into the doctoral program; however, I soon learned I could make a larger impact with a doctoral degree in International Psychology with a Specialization in Trauma, and continue to be the change I want to see.

I am an International Psychologist Coach, Trauma, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, and a Human, Social, and Civil Rights Advocate and Activist. I specialize in the area of trauma recovery, and I have dedicated my career to helping individuals, families, couples, children, organizations, groups, corporations, and schools nationally and internationally identify the impact of trauma on their lives, the lives of their loved ones, students, staff, businesses, and communities. The negative impact of stress can lead to burnout, low productivity, loss of revenue, suicide, workplace discrimination, or workplace violence.

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A woman in pink suit posing for the camera.

I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor with a group private practice located in Duluth, GA, and the founder of ToGetHer Empowered Inc. a women’s and girls’ mentorship organization. Out of the Box, Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to provide Quality and Affordable Private Practice mental healthcare to all despite socio-economic status, race, creed, color, identity, orientation, language, ability, disability, age, sex, or origin; while also maintaining a sublime Quality of Life for our clinicians. Our office consist of 14 culturally therapist including a clinical psychologist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a Board Certified Behavior Analysis.

ToGetHer Empowered, Inc. is also a not for profit agency serving over 2500 women and girls a year. Our mission is to Unite and Empower Women and Girls of Color Globally.

A green sky with black clouds and some trees
A black sky with some buildings in the background

Why should you work with me What people are saying?

“I first met you when I was at my lowest, and you helped me learn to challenge my mental story. I’ve learned to be more self-aware and to concentrate more on who or what “I am” rather than making assumptions about who or what I am not. You gave me many resources, including journaling and meditation, to help me when I was down. Your encouragement gave me the courage to stretch myself, explore who I am, and remain rooted in my heart’s desire. This knowledge greatly accelerated my quest for self-discovery, and I appreciate your assistance during this healing time. “

“I recommend Dr. O to anyone needing help in any subject or situation. She has a lovely way with words that helps you see things clearly and gives you the confidence to cope with your problems. I wanted to get involved while the BLM movement was at its height. Be a partner. I was cis-White and unsure about where to begin. I called Dr. O, who assisted me through one-on-one coaching, provided training and seminars for my organization, and hosted a fireside talk when I wanted to gather a few of my white buddies to educate them. Dr. O readily agreed to my requests and accepted them.”

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